Building a Quebec company rooted in an ethical, sustainable and inclusive conscience is a major challenge, and it is the one taken up by Julie, the designer and entrepreneur behind JudyDesign.

Original interview published on the Expo Yoga website

Serial entrepreneur and great enthusiast, Julie Doyon (hence the name JudyDesign) is a multi-talented woman with a lot of energy. As far back as she can remember, Julie has always worked with the well-being of women in mind. Aside from her passion for design, she enjoys designing clothes so that women feel beautiful, regardless of body diversity.

The beginnings of JudyDesign

A designer by training, Julie has always had the ambition to create pieces that pay homage to the female body in all its forms. Always with the conviction that when the woman feels sexy and feminine, anything is possible!

“Several of my clients knew me when I started, 20 years ago, when I was designing their prom dresses. Our bodies have changed and today they are still very loyal customers; a lot of my success goes to them and all my wonderful team! – Julie

Well-being at the heart of style

At the same time, Julie also opened a yoga studio, first for a friend and then finally, as the owner. With 18 employees for 3 years. Already very interested in energies and well-being, she was inspired by them for the development of JudyDesign.

Extremely curious, Julie is now certified in herbalism and aromatherapy. This passion for yoga and well-being is felt through its collections. The ethical and environmental awareness of Julie, who is herself a vegetarian, reinforces her mission to do good and feel good.

JudyDesign is more than a business, it's a philosophy of life.

“All JUDY items are made of bamboo, an extremely soft and comfortable fabric that is breathable, natural, easy to care for and durable,” says Julie.

By women, for all women

The JUDY collection has been designed to dress women of all ages.

JUDY items are designed one size fits all and to stand the test of time, for the practical, economical and environmental side; they can really do to all women.

“I take great care (with the help of my invaluable partner Natacha) to develop, from one season to the next, styles that complement and match each other. We are extremely attentive to the needs of our customers and I adapt, I design the styles, I choose the fabrics always with them in mind! – Julia.

JudyDesign aspires to promote women's beauty in all its forms by offering ADAPTABLE, FEMININE and COMFORTABLE style clothing with an EDGY touch!

Discover the JudyDesign collections here!

February 10, 2022 — Isabelle Valley