All the fashion tips to create the perfect ''carry-on'' suitcase with Judy!

With the problems currently encountered in all airports around the world, traveling minimalist (but still in style) has never been so relevant! Discover here the advice of Julie and Natacha to concoct a small carry-on type suitcase with only 6 basic JudyDesign items!

Advice from our stylist Natacha

For your air travel, I suggest 4 items: the Karma PantsCami Boy, a top Drew and our Blissful Jumpsuit, then complete your looks with a beautiful scarf from the UNIQUE collection.

Le Karma Pants is the best travel friend. Comfortable, it does not take up space and allows you to create both super casual or more dressy looks by simply changing your shoes and accessories. It is also perfect for expectant mothers (practical because it can be worn before, during and after pregnancy, a good investment!).

La Cami Boy it's the little top par excellence to cover the shoulders a little while keeping a casual style! Super all-purpose, it is perfect to wear on the plane because it does not fit the waist and it camouflages the small belly (we are sometimes bloated on the plane) while defining the silhouette.

The icing on the sundaes, the top Drewthe little overcoat you'll want to carry with you at all times. In addition to taking up 0 space in your suitcases, it comes to cover your arms and gives a super stylish look to any outfit

Finally, the Blissful, THE one piece par excellence that can be worn alone or with the cami boy above or below. Add your little scarf around your neck or waist and create a completely different look! 

With these 4 Judy fashion pieces, you already have ten looks that you can create quickly and easily, leaving you more time to enjoy your vacation!

Buen viaje Nat xxx
PS Watch our live travel special right here, Julie and I give you lots of great tips for traveling light!

Travel advice from our designer Julie

I love the practical side when traveling and, above all, being ultra comfortable while!!! If you're like me, I suggest all of Judy's 3-in-1 dresses! Whether it's the Hillary, one of our 3 dresses Suela or one of our batdress (I never leave without it)!

With just one of these 3 items, you can create a host of looks like these 3-in-1 dresses have been designed to transform into a dress, tunic, top, skirt, name it! You have a host of possibilities and you save a lot of time to pack your bags and to create your looks while traveling (in addition to saving considerable space in your suitcases)!

Without forgetting one of my favourites, the Square which, with its many ways to be worn, will quickly become one of your travel favorites!

Bon voyage Julie xxx

PS Are you going on a trip soon? Make Judy travel too and send us your photos!

July 25, 2022 — Isabelle Valley