New JUDY customers for life!
Mega dose of love to you guys! Delivery more than fast. Wow I love my 3 pieces purchased! I needed a neutral top to ''fit'' with my shorts. I recommend this week, thank you also for the scarf, delicate attention, seriously I should have bought before!
—Caroline Bergeron
I fell in love with you girls, after watching your live shows, I decided to go for it. I must admit that I am 42 years old and this is the first time that ''I pay myself'' a dress! As I'm not a ''dress liar'', I went with the black and mint BATDRESS. I said to myself that at the limit… I have just received ''my precious ones'' and I must say THANK YOU! Thanks for convincing me! Thank you for creating a dress that, even with a belly and/or cellulite, we love each other the same! JUST WOW! I am now ADDICTED! I just ordered the yellow one and I'm waiting for the black SUELLA! A new ''allergic to dresses'' client who now wants to die in your pieces!
— Karine Loubert
Hello to both of you, just to let you know that I loved my shopping experience with you! Not only are the products of high quality and beautiful, but the after-sales service is unparalleled! This morning, I received a call from your dispatch center offering to change my Pinot tube for a black one (which I accepted). I must tell you that being a seasoned buyer for 5 years now, this had never happened to me! Thank you for your products that I love and your team that shines with its desire for excellence.
—Isabelle Morin
I listen to your story and I realize that I discovered you at the Braderie when Nat was starting with Julie! I walked around the booth feeling so ugly because I was fat, I didn't like myself and I thought nothing was right with me. You made me try lots of things, I fell in love and I left with the sun in my eyes feeling radiant. To this day, you achieve this feat every time I go to see you... I love you!
—Sophie Vadnais