A purchase that changes the world, one tree at a time

Since the beginning of the Judy adventure, not only have we taken the well-being of women to heart, but also that of our planet! Giving back to Mother Nature is therefore a natural gesture for us that complements a host of small gestures that we do on a daily basis. We are happy to join the beautiful community of Ecologi, an organization that takes action against climate change through
concrete means all over the world.

Since October 2022, our beautiful community has therefore been helping to really make an impact in the world. FOR EACH ITEM PURCHASED on judydesign.com, Judy will PLANT a tree through this organization.

OUR OBJECTIVE : create a complete forest thanks to you!

Watch your contribution in real time here.

Watch our forest grow every day live!

Visit the Judy page via the Ecologi website

Our daily actions

compostable bags

For more than a year, we have been delivering our items to you in pretty biodegradable bags in addition to offering paper bags at our events.

Sustainable and ecological fabrics

It is with great care that we choose quality fabrics that will allow your clothes to last longer in addition to being extremely comfortable and, when possible, we favor more ecological fabrics such as bamboo.

100% local production

All JudyDesign collections are produced locally in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu. We are committed to making people work here in exemplary working conditions and to contributing to the local economy.


Together we are stronger, which is why we believe in collective action.