JudyDesign was born from a dream, nourished by passion and flourished thanks to the support of its partners and its beautiful community of JUDYBABES. 

Our mission

You give back the desire to feel beautiful by fashion. JudyDesign aspires to promote women's beauty in all its forms by offering ADAPTABLE, FEMININE and ELEGANT style clothing with an EDGY touch.

Our vision

Over the years, the brand has been built around a mix of basics, being able to bridge the gap between the office look and the trendy 5 to 7. Inspired by versatility, well-being and active life, JudyDesign is proud to offer women asymmetrical tunics, relaxed tops, comfy pieces and easy-to-wear dresses.

To do our part ...

We firmly believe that small actions can lead to great big things. It is precisely with small gestures that we contribute to the development of our community and the world in which we live. From packaging to product, through production and the choice of our partnerships: every aspect of our business is managed and implemented to minimize our ecological footprint and increase positive engagement for the benefit of the causes that matter to us. .

Our history

The adventure began in 2000 when JudyDesign was managed by only one woman, Julie Doyon (JUDY). A designer by training, Julie has always had the ambition to create pieces that pay tribute to the female body in all its forms. Always being convinced that when the woman feels sexy, nothing is impossible for her! Watch out World!

With the help of her partner / bestie / stylist Natacha, the brand has won the hearts of women across Canada by participating in several fashion sales, summer markets and pop-up shops. Today, the 2 boss ladies do not stop their efforts. They create original collections and unearth unique pieces around the world serving to enhance the style of each.

They draw their inspiration from their precious clients, taking into account each of the comments. They are also close to their community! You can also find them every Wednesday, during their live Facebook, or make an appointment with them for a private shopping experience.