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Does the mirror give you a satisfactory image or not? Is the new slimming diet promising you weight loss and self-confidence appealing? What place do your weight and body shapes have in your life? Everyone has their own body image, this perception accompanied by emotions and behaviors related to the body. How to explain that some people develop a negative evaluation of their body? What role do the media play? Is it normal not to like your body and is it necessary to improve the satisfaction of your body image? Are cosmetic surgery, weighing or dieting practices that help maintain a healthy body image? These are some of the questions that this book proposes to answer by bringing together research results, lines of thought, knowledge on the subject as well as concrete interventions allowing you to reconnect with your body. This book is intended for the general public as well as for professionals. It is intended for those who wish to understand their own body image, who wish to reduce their bodily concerns and who aspire to develop healthy practices aimed at a positive body image or even body neutrality. It is intended for parents and teachers, concerned about the impact they can have on young people and who wish to accompany them in the development of a healthy relationship with their bodies. This book is intended as a tool for reflection and intervention, addressed to oneself, but also to others, in order to promote the development of a more positive relationship with one's body.

Free Marie-Michele Ricard